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JoinAgile Scripts is a coding division of JoinAgile Initiative, producing custom PHP and JavaScript solutions for your web automation and connectivity needs

Who we are

JoinAgile Scripting is a small part of JoinAgile Initiative that decided to bring many of our in-house developed custom PHP and JavaScript solutions to the open market, as a form of funding the parent Initiative, and help the webmasters build what they need using our easy to reuse templates.

Types of Scripts we offer:

System Connectivity, such as submitting issues to JIRA and the other collaboration software from the open Web;

Social Media presence automation;

Online Testing and Quiz platforms;

YouTube and Twitter integration of various kinds.

Our Products

We are actively updating the listing of our Products that can be either purchased for a modest price, or downloaded for free. If you can't find what you're looking for, please visit again soon and the chances are - we would have updated the page by then with new offerings!

JIRA Issue Creator

Want to create Atlassian JIRA issues from the open web? Try our new PHP script with mobile-friendly Bootstrap UI!


PHP CAPTCHA is a basic solution allowing you to prevent any bot-spam, being lightweight and easy to install!

PHP Mailing List

Our custom PHP Mailing List is one of the simplest and easiest to configure mailing list aggregator solutions you can get for FREE.

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